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5 Perfect Gifts for a Car Lover This Christmas

by Neil Allen /

If you know someone into their cars, it always makes it slightly easier to buy them a product. But with so much to choose from, what do you choose?

To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of the five perfect gifts guaranteed to please a petrolhead!

1. Make-it-yourself high quality car wax

Price: £39.95

A person devoted to cars will usually like to keep their own look in top condition. So, a great gift is always one that’ll make their pride ‘n’ joy as shiny as it was when new.


The good thing about giving wax as a gift is that their are so many to choose from, and they cover literally every budget. However, why simply buy them one, when you can buy a kit and they can make it themselves!

One sale is the really cool Dodo Juice Home Brew wax kit, which involves mixing and heating ingredients, ending up with a 250ml jar of high quality car wax – you even get to name the wax whatever you want, thanks to a sticky label. Brilliant.

2. Retro radio-controlled car


It doesn’t matter what age or sex you are, everyone loves an R/C car. The bonus with a retro version is that it’ll bring back fond memories for those a few decades older, while introducing them to a whole new audience.

Cars like the Tamiya Lunch Box monster truck (£89.00), Monster Beetle (£134.00) and Midnight Pumpkin monster pick-up truck (£99.00) are all firm favourites, and are guaranteed to be one of the coolest gifts they’ll get. tamiya-midnight-pumpkin

If your budget is lower, there’s a whole host of cheaper versions out there, but in all honesty, there’s nothing really cooler than Tamiya’s retro range.


3. Realistic driving simulators

The harsh reality of life is that most of us will rarely – if ever – get to enjoy the delights of driving a rare or exotic car, and especially so at high speeds.

Fortunately, for those of us without vast wealth, there are computer games to keep us sane by providing us with ones featuring incredibly life-like graphics, race tracks that are mapped out inch perfectly and recreate every bump and undulation.

Developers go so far as to record the engine and exhaust notes of each car, revving through the range and under load, to make sure they’re entirely correct, and some even give hyper-realistic handling too.


Some of the best driving games for the PS4 and Xbox One include Project Cars, Driveclub, Forza Horizon 3, Assetto Corsa and (at some point in 2017) Gran Turismo Sport. If you know someone genuinely into their cars, these games are sure to get their pulse racing.

4. Scale model cars rule!


A petrolhead loves a good, well-detailed model car, and the great thing is that there’s almost certainly one that’ll either match their own vehicle, or one they desire or aspire to own.

Collecting a set of scale cars can become addictive, and it can start to take over your computer desk, but the fact of the matter is that they make a brilliant gift.


Again, the budget suits, and smaller models (such as 1/43) start around £10.00, while larger 1/18 are around £30.00+, although rare or intricately-detailed ones can be hundreds of dollars, so there are loads to suit.


5. Scalextric set

It doesn’t matter how old you are: a Scalextric set is one of the most fun gifts for a petrolhead, and no one can resist having a go on one if it’s in front of them – fact.


One of the great things about Scalextric is the huge diversity of cars available to race, from kids versions to full-on pro sets, and everything in-between, and you can even build your own landscapes to surround the track, like the one in the video above, and use whatever cars you want, thanks to a standard-size track.

Super-cool stuff, and sets start from around £44.00 for a kids version, £80.00 for a ‘grown-up’ one, to several hundred dollars for pro versions.


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