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Chipex racing 2014

by Neil Allen /

Find out about all of the races, triathlons and sporting events our CEO took on during 2014….

Manchester Marathon – April 2014

26 miles through the streets of Manchester
The Manchester marathon has to be one of the best in the UK for those wanting a quick time and going for a personal best (PB) or the elusive sub 3 hour! It has a wonderful atmosphere with music bands dotted along the whole 26.2 mile course so as to keep the 10,000 athletes entertained or distracted – depending on one’s point of view! Due to the lower entry numbers than the London Marathon there is plenty of space to get on with running without banging into others!

Escape from Alcatraz – June 2014</h2<


An iconic setting for one of the most famous races in the US

This iconic US race is an amazing combination of triathlon, racing and adventure! Boarding the San Francisco Belle at around 5.30am, the jovial mood starts to quieten as the large boat arrives and positions itself next to Alcatraz Island. As the horn goes 2,000 athletes jump, dive and hurl themselves into the freezing cold water of San Francisco bay for the 1.5 Mile swim to the mainland exit point! Half way across you get large swells which makes it even more entertaining and exhilarating, as you rise and sink through the churning waves. Once you reach the land exit point, you are straight into a quarter of a mile barefoot run to your bike in the transition park. The 18 mile bike route is, well just like San Francisco! Hilly, hilly, hilly, but through all the curves and high speed descents it really is an absolute pleasure, with glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge. With some energy left in the tank, it's off for the 8 mile run, and even seeing Miranda Carfrae, Ironman World Champion, blasting along on the return section. As the hills increase in steepness, you then eventually descend onto the beach to be greeted a short while later with the infamous “Sand Ladder” which is a lung busting ascent from the bottom of the beach to the hilly top! It even has its own timing matts so see how fast you can get the job done! Then, the final sprint to the race finish and plenty of time to reflect on what a truly special event this is!

Ironman Wimbleball 70.3 – June 2014

Taking on one of the most challenging Ironman 70.3 courses in the world

They say that Ironman Wimbleball is one of the most challenging in the world 70.3’s in the world and I’d have to say that I think they are pretty much on the money having done the Lanzarote Ironman 70.3 the previous year. The event being in Exmoor, you know it’s going to be hilly and the weather temperamental with the swim being the only flat part of the course. The bike routes take you through amazing countryside with fantastic high-speed curvy descents for those that like to test their nerve! And the hills seem to get steeper and taller throughout the course. The run course bucks and weaves up and down for 13.2 miles making you wonder if your nutrition strategy was well conceived, as your legs and body protest all the way to finishing chute

Chipex bike race

Alp D’uez, France – July 2014

A stunning setting for a long (and very cold!) triathlon – 2.2Km swim, 115Km bike, 22Km run

The Alp D’uez long course triathlon is set in the stunning scenery of the Alps and takes in the world famous Tour d ’France hill climb section. The swim takes place in a lake some 4,000 feet below the finish line, and having just rained the day before the mountain ice water had chilled the lake nicely and was certainly colder than Alcatraz. Some were even pulled from the lake with hypothermia! Once out of the water and onto the bike leg, you are very quickly into the first of the very long mountain hill climbs to the top of the first Alp that never seems to end. The descents are stunning and seriously fast, so what one lacks in uphill punch can be made up with downhill bravado! After around 60 miles of the most serious mountain climbs and descents, you are presented with the famous 10 mile Alp d’Huez hill climb that twists and turns its way up an increasingly steep gradient! Once at the top you finish it all off with a cross country half marathon all the way to the finishing chute.

Chipex cycle race

Vitruvian Half Ironman – September 2014

The Vitruvian is a fast course with a few hills on the bike and great out and back run course!

Amsterdam Marathon – October 2014

A welcome return to marathon running in this beautiful Dutch capital

They say it’s the flattest and fastest marathon course in the world so those looking for their PB time, this is the course to choose! It bucks and weaves its way around the capital and finally takes you back to the stadium from where you started. Just be aware of the 3 mile walk back to your hotel afterwards as the roads are closed!

Druid 84 Mile Ultra Marathon – November 2014

This 3 day Ultra takes you from the start of the Ridgeway at the Ivinghoe Beacon Buckinghamshire through the Chilterns and all the way to the West of Swindon, Wiltshire. The course is split into three days of around 30 miles per day through wonderful countryside. It’s a great course and you will certainly be feeling it towards the end of the third and final day!

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