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Perfect for Petrolheads: 10 videos featuring Ferrari supercars

by Neil Allen /

ferrari supercars

Ferrari. Possibly one of the world’s most well-known brands, and a manufacturer name synonymous with red supercars, Formula 1 racing and producing huge amounts of merchandise – a lot of it tacky.

Whether they can afford one or not, Ferrari’s worldwide army of utterly devoted fans worship the prancing horse symbol to the point of fanaticism, and should you drive one through even the tiniest Italian town, the car is likely to be mobbed by a crowd of admirers.

Like them or not, Ferrari’s cars have a certain romanticism about them that few cars or manufacturers achieve. These hand-picked videos should hopefully give you a taste of just why that is, so get settled and enjoy the show…

1. The Ferrari Testarossa Story.

In this short-but-sweet video, John Pogson – Ferrari engineer and restorer extraordinaire – is interviewed about the Testarossa and his experience of the car when it landed in an Eighties world of big hair and bigger shoulderpads. Entertaining and interesting.

2. F40 vs F50 on the racetrack

There’s absolutely no denying that Chris Harris (part of the new Top Gear team) 1. knows his stuff, 2. is a superb driver and 3. is massively enthusiastic about what he does.

In this 22 minutes, he is given the chance to take both the Ferrari F40 and F50 around the track, pushing their capabilities to a level rarely – if ever – seen. Two exotic and iconic supercars and twenty-two minutes of videos – what more can you want!

3. Drifting a Ferrari F40 in Snow Up To Base Camp

Going skiing? You’ll need a 4-wheel-drive with a big boot then, right? Pah! Who needs that when you can drive an F40 with snow chains and tyre studs up a mountain! No boot space? No worries. Simply ratchet-strap your gear to its roof. Job done.

4. An in-depth tour of the mad, bad Ferrari Enzo hypercar

The Enzo is a while old now, but it went down as one of Ferrari’s ultimate cars, and indeed it can be classed as a hypercar.

Seeing an Enzo being driven in a ‘point of view’ aspect, or a ‘fly-by’ or top-speed run is easily found on YouTube, but rarely are you shown comprehensively what they look like inside, how to start one, and what every button and control is used for. In this video, we’re taken through exactly those things.

5. Seven Minutes Of Pure Ferrari 250 GTO Hillclimb Bliss

No music, no special effects, no talking but instead a single camera and Derek Hill absolutely hammering the nuts off a Ferrari 250 GTO on a forest road, with the soundtrack provided entirely by pure exhaust and V12 engine noise.

If this video doesn’t leave you slightly teary-eyed in sheer ecstasy at what you behold and hear, I’ve no idea what will. Seriously, turn your speakers right up for this one guys…

6. The Ferrari 250 GTO Speaks for Itself

Following on from the video above, Derek Hill (son of Phil Hill) is interviewed about the Ferrari 250 GTO, and drives the very car his father won races in.

Not only do we get an insight into the racing version of the 250 GTO, but we’re treated to some beautifully captured footage of the car being driving by Hill. Wonderful stuff, and about as emotionally-charged as it gets for petrolheads. Enjoy.

7. Ferrari 512 BBi Is a Piece of Art

Many would agree that the Ferrari 512 does not even come close to being the most beautiful of their cars, and in fact it may often be overlooked in a lineup of Ferraris.

However, minimalist architect Holger Schubert thinks so highly of his 512 BBi that he has created a house designed and built around the car itself. Incredible, and it perhaps shows the 512 in a whole new light.

8. A track test of the 950 bhp Ferrari LaFerrari

A hybrid Ferrari? And a hypercar at that? It’ll never happen. Oh wait, it did. Yes, Ferrari went and bolted on an electric system to their 6.3 litre V12 petrol engine, not for environmental reasons, but purely to make as much power and torque as possible, with spectacular results.

In this video, the Ferrari LaFerrari is taken around the Fiorano race circuit to show exactly how this beast puts the power down, and why its handling is so good.

9. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta: Last Of The Naturally Aspirated V12s?

730 horsepower. Yes, that’s a lot, and the F12 Berlinetta’s 6.3 litre V12 engine produces some of the most wonderful sounds you’ll hear on the roads.

The F12 is a rare car indeed, and in this film we’re treated to a thorough road test it, with an absorbing commentary about how it goes, handles and sounds.

10. What’s it like to live with a 4-seat Ferrari FF supercar?

Track and road tests of the Ferrari FF abound, but what would it be like to use this 630 horsepower supercar for the everyday, mundane tasks in life? After all, it does have four seats and 4-wheel-drive, so there’s already a degree of practicality there to begin with.

Respected motoring journalist Harry Metcalfe was given one for a whole two weeks to see what the FF is like on a daily basis, and in that time he also used it for farm duties. Yes, you did read that correctly. Maybe the FF really means Farm Friendly…

If you’d like to check out some other brilliant videos that are ‘Perfect for Petrolheads’, here are 9 Pagani Hypercar videos and 10 Koenigsegg Hypercar vidoes

Written and collated by Chris Davies – an award-winning motoring journalist writing for CarProductsTested.com


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