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Perfect for Petrolheads; 9 Cool Videos Featuring Pagani Hypercars

by Neil Allen /

Italian manufacturer Pagani build the most sought-after supercars – no, sorry, hypercars – on the market today. They’re also incredibly rare, and even in the depths of London during ‘supercar season’ – as it’s known – while dozens of Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Rolls Royce cars strut their stuff, a Pagani is scarcely seen.

Exquisitely finished cabins, massively powerful turbocharged V12 engines, 200+ miles-per-hour max speeds, masses of carbon fibre, beautiful paintwork, price tags of £650,000 upwards and over 700 horsepower, Pagani’s hypercars are at another level compared with the comparatively mass-produced cars Ferrari and Lambo make.

To show you what Pagani are all about, here are a selection of videos that’ll make you push owning one to the top of your bucket list…

1. The world’s best job?

On your boring daily commute into work, sat stationary and starting out at the masses of traffic in the rain, have you ever been daydreaming about what your ultimate job would be?

For a petrolhead, this is most likely it – the guy who tests Pagani’s cars before they go to production. Jealous much? I am.


2. How Horacio Pagani built the company

Grab a cuppa, sit in your favourite comfy chair and enjoy thirty minutes watching this incredibly interesting video interviewing the man himself – Horacio Pagani, a humble man with an amazing passion for the cars he builds.

3. Chris Harris + Huayra + beautiful Italian countryside

Chris Harris – motoring journo, superb driver and now a presenter on the new lineup for Top Gear – takes a trip to Italy to drive the beautiful 730 bhp Pagani Huayra on tarmac winding through eye-wateringly -spectacular scenery. Well, I suppose someone has to do it eh…

4. A tour of the Pagani factory, and how the Huayra is made

Pagani’s are amazing cars, and you’ll find many a video of one being hammered around a race track, but have you ever wondered exactly how they’re built, what each stage compromises of, what materials they’re made of and about the Pagani factory itself? Wonder no more, for here’s a rare glimpse into all of that, as we’re taken on a fascinating tour of how the Huayra is produced.

5. Developing and building the Pagani Huayra

One from Pagani Automobili themselves, this engrossing short documentary explains the inspiration behind their Huayra, the hand-building of the car, what they wanted from the AMG engine, the aerodynamics of the bodywork and more.

If you love watching about all the goings-on behind building cars, this video from Pagani will well and truly indulge you.

6. Track-only Zonda R beautifully filmed by Top Gear

Top Gear produces some of the most brilliantly-filmed car features on television, to the point where they almost art and outshine the car itself.

This one is no different, as Jeremy Clarkson takes the brutal-looking Pagani Zonda R around the now-famous TG-track. You’ll want to turn the volume up for this video…

7. Nurburgring, meet Pagani Zonda R

An oldie but a goldie – as they say – this one is from 2010, but it’s just as exciting now, as the Pagani Zonda R is taken around the legendary and highly technical Nurburgring track in Germany.

Incredible driving by this chap, and it’s about as heart-pounding as it gets through a screen.

8. Probably the most in-depth look at the Huayra

Okay, this is not the most exciting video, but unlike many others, this guy shows you the detail of the Pagani Huayra on the outside, as well as a comprehensive cabin ‘tour’, taking you through each individual switch, button, control and every other minute detail on this exceptionally special car.

If you want to get a properly in-depth look at the Huayra, then this is certainly the video to watch.

9. Jay Leno being driven by Horacio Pagani

Jay Leno is well known for being one of the biggest U.S talk-show hosts out there, but he’s also a car and motorbike collector who owns so many vehicles he has two aircraft-style hangers to keep them in!

If you’ve not seen them already, he has his own website called ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’, where he drives and talks about some of the most incredible cars on the plant. On this episode, Jay chats to Horacio Pagani about the Huayra, before being driven about by Horacio.


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