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Rust treatment for cars

by Neil Allen /

Rust is the blight which effects cars around the world. If you’re fortunate enough to live in a warm, dry climate like California, it’s a much easier battle keeping it at bay. However, for those of us in the U.K. where the climate is perfect for honing those dark brown patches on your vehicle’s bodywork, it’s a real pain keeping it from worsening.

So, what causes rust on cars? In an interesting article from PopularMechanics.com, it states; ‘Rust is the layman’s term for the electrochemical breakdown of iron-based metals called oxidation. In this process surface molecules react with oxygen in the air and produce a new molecule, Fe2O3, otherwise known as iron oxide’.

Of course, some cars are more susceptible to rusting, especially older models which simply didn’t have the same oxidisation-prevention technology that goes into many of today’s modern cars, and it’s always best to visit owner’s website to see how the car your looking at fares over time.

So, what can be done to prevent rusting? Should you live in a climate near to the sea, or in a country where the lay salt in winter, these can massively impact on a car’s bodywork and chassis, so wash it regularly with high-quality car shampoo. If you’ve got a pressure-washer, give it a blast underneath too, as the chassis is just as susceptible as the bodywork to rust, if not more so.

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