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Blending Solution 30ml

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For use with our Chipex touch up paint, this solution is specially formulated to blend your touch up paint seamlessly into your car’s surface for an even and unnoticeable finish. Ideal if you love your Chipex kit so much you’re running out of solution!

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Our solution perfectly blends touch up paint into your original paint until it’s totally covered. Our patented blending solution takes care of your paintwork repair and works directly with our Chipex paint to give a smooth and seamless finish with the surrounding paint. Our specially formulated solution perfectly blends our touch up paint and into your car’s surface, completely eliminating paint drips or blobs for a seamless repair. That way you’ll always feel comfortable using your kit, safe in the knowledge that help is right there if you need it.

Our blending solution has been tried and tested to make certain that it outperforms typical car paint touch up kits, and that’s exactly why our specially designed blending solution is included in every one of our Chipex kits! An extra bottle is ideal if you need to get extra mileage out of your kit.

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